Cooperation project finished. It's time for new initiatives!


The project involved youth from Kurzeme and Saaremaa in various non-formal education activities to promote youth activity in society and foster their self-initiative and cooperation.

During four cross-border youth exchanges, topics like entrepreneurship and employment, media and information, health and social responsibility, creativity and cooperation were covered, with practical training in leadership skills and project management. Youth took chance to prove their new abilities by organizing 12 information events in schools, the exhibition and final conference ("youth non-conference"). Cross-border added value was opportunity for youth to broaden their horizons on important issues and have their first international experience with like-minded peers to exchange opinions, generate ideas and build awareness of neighbouring countries and Europe.


We are thankful to Estonia-Latvia Cross-border Co-operation Programme for support of this project! We believe that invested funds in youth will have highest return already in near future.


Having gained more strength and confidence in this project activities we are ready for new challanges in youth work.

If you want to join us or want us to join you or help with your idea, contact us:

- NGO Ventspils Youth Council (Latvia) – email: jauniesu_dome [at]

- NGO Triigi Adventure Beach (Estonia) – email: tuulipartel [at]


You can achieve more than you think!



Project description

During the project both partners will jointly organize non-formal education activities for youth, focusing on various social and economic topics – youth employment and entrepreneurship, youth media, health and social responsibility and cooperation in various creative fields. Participants will use acquired knowledge and experience to organize information events for other youth in order to raise youth activity and involvement in social life.

Main activities of the project are four youth exchanges and conference:

- "Media and information" (June/July 2012 in Latvia)

- "Innovative youth and youth entrepreneurship" (August 2012 in Estonia)

- "Health and social responsibility" (December 2012 / January 2012 in Latvia)

- "Creativity" (June 2013 in Estonia)

- Youth conference (October 2013 in Latvia).


Project implementation period:  January 2012 – November 2013

Project total budget: 176 466 EUR

Estonia – Latvia Programme funding: 149 996 EUR




Hi, folks!

Welcome to website of friendship between Estonian and Latvian youth! … and perhaps also between other countries because friendship has no nationality. True friendship is free of different rules and customs created and dictated by societies. True friendship is led by heart.

Estonian and Latvian youth will meet and make friendship during most interesting and most valuable activities within project called "Youth initiatives and cooperation". During 2012 and 2013 project participants will have chance to join several youth exchanges in Kurzeme (Latvia) and Saaremaa (Estonia), as well as take initiative and organize themselves events for other youth; and participate in youth conference.


If you are active or you want to be active, then do not wait – join us in our activities!

In this website you can navigate by clicking on different sections titles, which are displayed  on the project logo. Also flags in the logo are links. By clicking on one of the flags you will be taken either to Estonian or Latvian version of this website.

Good luck!

Ventspils Youth Council and Triigi Adventure Beach